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How it works:
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    Book the UX consultation
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    Get & fill the intake form
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    Get 1 hour of intense UX help
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Why get a UX consultation

  • Boost your product’s UX
    Start a new project on the right foot or get a professional opinion on an existing one
  • Service trial
    Get a feel for our services before you commit resources.
  • Recruit or get hired
    Get help hiring a UX designer (HR) or get career counseling & advice

Results we’ve helped our clients achieve

  • $114 ROI for every 1$
    We’re sure we measure up because we measure. We’ve helped many clients get the most out of UX
  • 57% increase in sales
    We’re sure you’ve put the heart and soul into your product. Let us make sure it’s a pleasure to use.
  • 300% reduced costs on dev & support
    You don’t need many support representatives or countless iterations if the design does the talking.
  • 78% Conversion Increase
    Let your product do the selling. We’re here to guide you through every step of the way.

Impactful UX session€ 199

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Our Process

What Our Customers Say

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The final UX design meets all our requirements and looks great. The team is efficient and to the point, impressively able to understand design needs and integrate feedback.

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The MVP received positive feedback from the internal team. Adam Fard UX Studio creates high-quality designs that meet the needs of the client. The team is hard-working, innovative, and driven.

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Adam Fard UX Studio gave us the hands-on feeling of a small shop and the quality and professionalism of a big shop.

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Valid until February 28th

Special Pricing

As a special Winter deal, we charge EUR 199 (~ USD 225) for 1 hour of consultation. The price will go to EUR 300 (~ USD 340) after February 28th, so don't hesitate 🙂

Get UX consultation€ 199

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How much does a consultation cost?

We charge EUR 199 (~ USD 225) for an hour-long consultation. However, the price will go up to EUR 300 (~ USD 340) after February 28th.

Can I book UX consulting on a regular basis?

Sure! We can arrange the format that’s convenient for you. However, it would make more sense to foster an ongoing cooperation, as it would decrease the hourly rate.

Can you also do the design or research on top of consulting?

Yes, we can. Though it should be noted that a different rate may apply.

How do I know I need a UX consultation?

Usually, you would need a user and product experience consultation wherever there’s a short-term gap in UX expertise that needs to be addressed.